" You must have chaos inside yourself for giving birth to a dancing star.  "   Nietzsche    



" What dissimilarity is there between a few atoms which get organized in an ordered material, or assemble to form a cell which is immediately multiplying by cellular division ? The answer is the engine of life, the hymn to difference and complexity. In front of the beauty that nature offers, the artist recreates the world through his own vision. The search for this creation is done through the intuitive inspiration of the material structures and of what those structures carry. From minerals to human beeings, we all are stardust created by the material mind or ... perhaps, by the hand of God. "
Physicist in charge of research at the CNRS




" Bernard-Christian PieRRoN explores the vastness of cosmic field to celebrate its shuddering beauty. The result is a fluid, organic and ductile matter which could as well evoke the infinitely small. What is in top is similar to what is in bottom, says a great, initiatory text revered by alchemists since the Egyptians. This sparkling recall of the unity of matter is confirmed as our knowledge increases with new discoveries. From cells to large nebulae, the thought is making its way, intrigued, wondering whether the Universe may have any limit. Sometimes escaping from the rectangle, Bc.PieRRoN's paintings engage speculation and imaginary drifts. Time seems to be absolished. Deliberately limiting his palette, the painter undoubtedly feels a great jubilation in wandering in the heart of sideral space, where the song of Creation is never at rest. Paradise is not fixity but movement. "
Luis Porquet
Le Courrier de l'Eure - 27 novembre 2013


" Obstinate witness of an other, not immediately noticeable reality (he belonged to Reality Second Group with is friend André Sablé), Bernard-Christian PieRRoN is a painter of intuition and imagination. He keeps thinking about Cosmos and exploring infinity fields, restoring in the end images of a strange and mineral, molecular world which no borders. This world seems to be very much chaotic and yet it is perfectly structured. Between dreams and abstraction, in a free, dynamic writing, Bc.PieRRoN is painting life, the source of life, matter, atoms, planets, suns and galaxies. The artist put in full light part of the divine essence we have in mind. He let us travel among stars. He speaks of humanity, of our membership in the Universe, of our sense of eternity.  "
Francis Aubert

" Subjacent, the night : immensity without beginning nor end, reminiscence of the unfathomable depths, antediluvian, where occur movements, emergences. A suprme peace. The fluid material, bathed with light, deriving from still virgin spaces. Gaseous clouds. Liquids in fusion. Neither outcrops nor uniform and flat stains. Sudden appearances. Vibrations and spatters.

In the same flux, emanates colour, as an immanent reward, identifying islands and continents. Then happen intense brightness, tears surrounded with black shadow, crystalline gems, sign of a progressive new stage, premises of an unstoppable trajectory towards life. Instantaneous fragments of an astral system. Fleeing, premonitory visions of a big-bang in power. The world is beeing born thanks to the impetus come from the depth of being.

Bc. PieRRoN transmits his intimate emotion. He raises a corner of the veil, to the point of making us foresee which governs the creation of the Universe, the echo of which he carries in him."

Liliane Brugière

Bc. PieRRoN   Painter
A contemporary artist.  An artist in the wind.
Today's art.  Art of tomorrow.

Reality or abstraction ?
A painting of dreams to make your walls come to life !
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Bernard-Christian PIERRON 
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